The Ruth Stone House (RSH) was established in 2013, and serves to fulfill the poet Ruth Stone’s wish that her physical and literary estate would be used for the furthering of poetry and the creative arts. The organization was created to both cultivate and celebrate the works and legacy of the poet herself and also maintain her historic property in Goshen, VT.

Community and Practice
RSH creates and nurtures a community that supports making the literary arts, particularly poetry and bookmaking, a vital and enriching aspect of people’s lives. RSH welcomes anyone who wishes to take part in the rigorous study and creation of poetry, no matter what stage in a person’s career or development. We provide writers the opportunity to engage in high-level literary classes and events. RSH encourages our community to integrate deeply-held interests that lie outside of poetry/literature into their craft and programming.

In the spirit of Ruth Stone’s lifelong activism, Ruth Stone House is committed to reshaping communities we touch into those that promote social justice and freedom from oppression, including but not limited to, racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ageism, and ableism, and working towards this end through various programming and initiative policies.

Publishing and Creative Autonomy
RSH is a letterpress studio and publisher that not only brings exciting new work into the world, but also encourages writers to become involved in the publishing process themselves. RSH houses a fully-operational letterpress studio where both professional prints are made and writers have the opportunity to learn the typesetting process. Beyond this, RSH is interested in providing the gamut of skills needed to publish work on one’s own, from editing, book design, and publicity, with the intention of creating new literary communities and presses that can create and celebrate new work on their own terms.


Ruth Stone House is operated by dedicated volunteers.

Benjamin Pease


Bianca Stone

Creative DIrector

Candace Jensen

Book Arts Director

Walter Stone

Program Director

Leanne Ruell

Grant Writer


Benjamin Pease


Bianca Stone

Rodney Pease


Nora Swan Croll

Ana Bozivevic

Aliki Barnstone

Didi Jackson


Nancy Sherman


Abby Brodowski

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