Established in 2013, The Ruth Stone House serves to fulfill Ruth Stone’s wish that her physical and literary estate would be used for the furthering of poetry and the creative arts. It was created not only to nurture contemporary poetry and art in its many forms, but also to cultivate and celebrate the works and legacy of the poet herself.

RSH seeks to provide poets and artists time, space, and opportunities to create new work and share it with a wider audience. This is accomplished through our small-press publishing house, the Next Galaxy Poetry Initiative (a writers’ retreat and haven, located in Ruth Stone’s house in Goshen, Vermont) and other programming in New York City. Compelled by Ruth Stone’s life and work, RSH seeks to support under-represented artists and stand for a literary community outside the usual institutions.

The Ruth Stone House connects the writers and artists it supports with the community at large, especially to empower women and foster leadership through creativity, writing, and publishing.



Ruth Stone House is operated by dedicated volunteers.

Benjamin Pease


Bianca Stone

Director of Programs

Candace Jensen

Director of Letterpress

Walter Stone

Director of Development


Ruth Stone House is A 501(c)3 nonprofit charity

Chair : Ben Pease

Vice Chair : Alina Gregorian

Treasurer : Rodney Pease

Member : Nora Swan Croll

Member : Ana Božičević

Member : Bianca Stone

Member : Aliki Barnstone

Member : Ruth Rodriguez

Member : Didi Jackson

Annual Report